Why TrueRank

The fastest and most fun way to rank your favourite restaurants, music, Netflix shows, travel destinations, wine reviews, books you 'have to read', and everything else. Upload your own photos and keep your own notes or just read your friends notes on cool restaurants you've always wanted to try!

The TrueRank app brings personal and trusted recommendations for the passions you really care about!

About us

  • First the Passion

    Listening to music we debated if a song on the radio was in our Top 20 of all time. A near fight ensued as we couldn't agree that Piano Man by Billy Joel completely deserves a Top 20 ranking.

  • Then an Idea

    Build an app so that we can actually rank our favourite songs, drag and drop style, create a comparison index and don't stop there! Let's do it for restaurants, movies, and everything people love to rank!

  • Ta-da! TrueRank is born

    Unlike any app we could find, TrueRank makes list creating, ranking, sharing, comparing, note taking and picture snapping a breeze you'll love to use! Available in the App Store.

Cool Features

We really had fun developing TrueRank to include cool features like these:

  • 86%
    Maybe our Music Compatibility Score.
  • 72
    Friends that might follow your 'Best Eats Ever!' list. Yes, see your Follower count.
  • 5
    This notification tells you your buddy Martha just Snagged 5 movies from your 'Top Flicks' list.
  • 881
    Total number of Snags from all your lists. You are rising up the Snag charts.
  • 12
    Coming soon... Play all 12 tracks from your favourite Kanye album directly in-app!

At TrueRank Headquarters we dream big and will continually be striving to make improvements to the app. As a user you are most influential to our growth path so please feel free to suggest improvements or features we can put into the development pipeline. You will find a feedback form here. Thank you in advance for your input and making TrueRank better together!

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TrueRank is available in the App Store by clicking here.
Enjoy ranking and discovering new passions today.